An article by market research firm Genwords defines Multicultural marketing as “Implementing specific marketing campaigns targeted towards particular ethnic and cultural groups with the objective of commercializing products or services and avoiding subconscious biases and possible discrimination.”


Born or Made: What makes an Effective Leader

Any endeavor, business or otherwise, needs a good leader. And this is usually the step where most people get stuck. In order to understand how to lead, first one must ask what is an effective leader. The Harvard Business Review argues that when we look for leadership, or the qualities of a good leader, we often look for power, showmanship, long-range wisdom, and popularity to name a few. And although these qualities can be found in many great leaders they do not encompass the essence of one.

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Adapting Your Marketing for Other Countries

We may think of the U.S as being a great melting pot of cultures and therefore already have a large knowledge base for operating in foreign markets. This, however, is a grave assumption that companies make when they decide to expand into new segments. Just like every other country in the world the U.S has particular cultural norms that don’t always translate into other cultures, therefore, it is always within a firm's interest to keep the following in mind.

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