FCHCC (First Coast Hispanic Chamber of Commerce)

Multicultural Communities, Networking, Opportunities

FCHCC has great benefits, both for the community and for the members.

To communicate them, we developed a campaign with the concept "Yo, Tú, Nosotros, Ellos, Todos. We all benefit from the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce".

An explanatory brochure was used to detail the advantages of each of the memberships and to explain the convenience of joining the Chamber social networks to give visibility to the organization and bring it closer to the public.

FCHCC organizes various activities and events that show its commitment and closeness to the community.

For example, 'Achieving the dream' is a program that provides scholarships to students to help them access higher education. 'Women of Tomorrow' is a month focused on providing content and opportunities for women. Cultural Weekends promote and encourage cultural events in the region. 'Coffee with the president', which is a meeting point to answer questions from members.

We are an agency with a broader vision.
We like to look to the future.
We like to look North from the South and South from the North.
We love to see beyond what others see.