UNF (University of North Florida)

UNF (University of North Florida)
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We had to create a campaign for the International Business Flagship Program, which makes it easier for students to study abroad.

That international experience is of great value to both the students and the North Florida community upon their return.

But the campaign has two stages and two audiences:

On the one hand, we need to raise funds to make it possible for students to study in other countries (scholarship, accommodation, etc). On the other hand, we need to make students aware that the opportunity can make a decisive change in their careers and in their lives.

The concept of the campaign was "Developing professionals to manage business without borders".

Through a brochure, which described each of the programs and agreements, both sponsors and students were informed about the most complete aspects of the program.

The core of the campaign was done in the university facilities and promotional advertising. We also created car stickers, which based on pride, served as a reminder of the program throughout the city.

A series of workshops were developed with business topics, inviting expert panelists in the different areas that were worked on. Upon completion of the entire series, participants received a certificate.

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