ChiroThing Traker

We are meant for each other!
Grow your practice tracking the success of your ChiroThin® patients.

Our client founded on March 2018, his company with the goal of bringing to market a unique Chiropractor’s software that he found a need for while serving his own patients, aimed to Chiroptractor’s offices that are offering Chiro Nutraceuticals’s™ ChiroThin as a Doctor’s Supervised weight loss program. He launched ChiroThin Tracker in September 2018 and he was successful selling its software for few years until sales were plateauing.  After our client hired our services, we studied the product, did a Market Analysis, and came up with a Marketing and Communications Strategy.

Our strategy included the definition of a Positioning statement, New branding campaign, revamp his website, creation of a brochure, mailing and a new approach to his current and potential clients.  After just 3 months of implementation our client saw a 300% increase in revenue and client subscription.

New Concept and Branding

We are an agency with a broader vision.
We like to look to the future.
We like to look North from the South and South from the North.
We love to see beyond what others see.