My Ideal Tracker

There are good ways for having happy customers, there are better ways for growing a business, and there are ideal ways for doing both.

After creating a successful ChiroThin Patient tracker for a Doctor’s Supervised weight loss program, our client created a state-of-the-art software to help other Chiropractors, Weight loss Program Managers and Owners and clinicians to track their patients with ease and HIPAA compliant, so he created My Ideal Tracker™

Our client hired MiAddvantage’s services to help him launch this new software.  After a thorough market analysis and review of his software capabilities, MiAddvantage created a Marketing and Communications Strategy which included logo creation and branding stratetgy, positioning statement, website creation, collateral materials including brochure and mailing as well as defining a streamline approach to current and potential clients.

Using our 360º Strategic approach, we took care of all our client’s needs from start to finish.  One of the key considerations was to find the best way to approach and persuade a potential client who believes he doesn’t need to change his internal procedures, so instead of given them one reason, we gave them 15 good ones!  Our client also wanted to be able to print directly his materials, so we provided to him high quality final artworks that he could use anytime.

We are an agency with a broader vision.
We like to look to the future.
We like to look North from the South and South from the North.
We love to see beyond what others see.