Pilar Ortiz Enterprises

Pilar Ortiz Enterprises
Speaker & Coach, Personal Brand Creator, Motivational Trainer, Author

Pilar Ortiz is a Global Communications Expert, Training and Development Specialist, Executive and Leadership Coach, Author and Keynote Speaker.

A personal brand like hers, based on trust, credibility, values and experience, needs the right tone to reach their audiences correctly.
At MiAddvantage we worked on a 360º communication strategy to disseminate her services (and spread her word), respecting the added value she offers to companies and individuals: we refreshed the communication tone of her personal brand (both textual and visual) and we still work on its positioning in social networks.

We also actively collaborated in the launch of their bestseller ‘El Genio de la Botella’ and accompanied them as technical and strategic support in decisive moments such as webinars and events.

We are an agency with a broader vision.
We like to look to the future.
We like to look North from the South and South from the North.
We love to see beyond what others see.